The Natural: Of Curveballs and Content

I know exactly how to hit a curveball. Look for the spin on the ball’s seams as it approaches. Don’t commit too soon. Shorten up my swing. It’s easy. In theory. But in practice? Well that’s quite another, far uglier, story.

Sure, with practice I might get better (“Hey, I fouled-tipped that one!”). But the nasty fact is that there are people who are born with the athletic ability and extraordinary hand-eye coordination to mash curveballs, and then there are the other 99.4% of us.

All fine and good. Most everyone has something in which they’re simply DNA-hardwired to excel at. They can solve abstruse physics problems. Or sing like a bird. Or repair an engine. Or are great with kids.

For people like me, it’s content. We’ve been writing persuasive copy since grade school, and spent the ensuing decades applying it to business communications and perfecting our craft. And we’re rather good—some even say better than most. We know what to say, how to say it, and how to structure it to tell a compelling story that sells stuff.

Isn’t it someone like that whom you should entrust with developing marketing content for your organization? After all, when copy isn’t written by someone like that, it shows. (Perhaps you’ve noticed.)

So sure, you can hand your mission-critical content to a good-enough writer fresh off a “write great copy” seminar or video or blog or whatnot. But wouldn’t that be like turning to yours truly with the bases loaded for your baseball team? Not a good idea. What is a good idea: turning to someone like me to step up and crush your brand marketing initiative. For that, you’ll have a natural.




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