• “No matter where my jobs take me, I always bring John’s name along for writing support. He has been consistently flexible in learning new content and supporting new clients. His knack of quickly understanding concepts and then converting to words is quite remarkable. John understands the reader therefore he delivers copy that is very easy to read.”

    Mary Beth Russo (formerly DiRico)

    Marketing Communications Manager, Business Analytics | IBM

  • “John is the rare combination of intelligence and personality that quickly makes him a key resource for any company seeking assistance with their strategic or tactical messaging needs. He immerses himself into each and every project and never fails to deliver great work. I give John my highest recommendation.”

    Craig Atkinson

    Vice President of Client Services | Spire

  • “John never misses the objective, budget or timing. He delivers what he commits to and is a fabulous resource. What sets him apart is his research and understanding of the subject he is writing about.”

    Barb Tully

    Account Supervisor | Prescients

  • “I’ve worked with John for over 15 years and he is quite possibly the most responsible, talented, professional conceptual thinker I’ve ever had the pleasure working with. Works well in multiple media and provides world-class results from concept through copy. I can’t recommend John enough.”

    Alfred Giordano

    Principal, Creative Director | Wit and Mind

  • “I and members of my company consistently engage John as a member of our account teams, providing strategic thinking and copywriting support. John raises the bar with his results.”

    Kristin Gibson

    Partner | Inergy Group

  • “John crafts winning strategies and fresh copy solutions that are consistently inline with our clients’ brand goals. We have thrown him tasks across a number of industries and he has delivered like a seasoned expert each and every time. His warm personality and sense of humor are an added bonus that have made him an invaluable extension of our team.”

    Lisa Barlow

    Assistant Professor/Educator & Co-op Advisor | University of Cincinnati

  • “John is the rare combination of intelligence and personality that quickly makes him a key resource for any company seeking assistance with their strategic or tactical messaging needs. He immerses himself into each and every project and never fails to deliver great work. I give John my highest recommendation.”

    Dan Romanow

    Strategist | POP

  • “We are extremely happy with the quality and speed of John’s work, as well as the professionalism of his approach. His ‘information input sessions’ are particularly valuable in focusing our branding and positioning strategy within a very comfortable and easy setting.”

    Alexander Zoller

    CEO | United Care Group

  • “John’s work on our corporate rebranding was terrific. He is very insightful, timely and offered great copy as well as excellent design deliverables. I guarantee satisfaction with his services. He really is a master at his trade.”

    Forrest Old

    Executive Vice President | RMS

  • “John is one of the best and brightest in our business. He expertly creates fresh and innovative concepts that exceed client expectations. There is no one better than John at building ‘blue chip’ brands. I learn something new from him every time we work together. Our skills are perfectly complementary. Without John’s involvement from the very start, my practice would not be where it is today. It’s always a pleasure to work with him. I could not ask for a better partner and friend.”

    Barry Sideroff

    President | Direct Ventures, Inc.

  • “John has been my go to writer and strategic partner for more than 10 years. I highly endorse his services as he consistently delivers strong results and is a delight to work with.”

    Jaime Zambrana

    VP, Senior Creative Director | Team Epic

  • “John is the perfect combination of strategic thinker, business problem-solver and creative powerhouse. He has the knack for taking even the most mundane topic and writing about it the most compelling way. John excels at concept development and crafts brilliant headlines and seal-the-deal closes. He’s not just a writer, not just a communicator — he’s a savvy, strategic, smart partner in your business’s success. And now, as the many new social media channels have revitalized the power of the written word, I’d say you need the power of JFC behind your business communications.”

    Lori Feldman

    Global Head of Digital Media Strategy & Social Media | CIGNA International


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